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Submarino Safaris Tenerife

Experience the sensation of a real submarine aboard. This experience will take you to the unexplored seabed in the vicinity of San Miguel Marina. Take your excursions in one of the most sophisticated tourist submarines in the world from the exclusive marina of San Miguel Marina. The clarity of the waters and marine life on the island of Tenerife makes our immersion a truly unique experience in life.


The actual dive will take approx. one hour. This includes boarding and disembarking the submarine. Each dive carries a tour guide who will give a comprehensive explanation about the dive and submarine. Cameras are perfectly suitable for taking pictures inside the submarine. We recommend a high speed film (400 ASA) in order to capture all the sights. Onboard the submarine you will be allocated your personal seat, right in front of the submarines large viewing ports, ensuring total viewing pleasure to the outside underwater world. Each view port has its own TV monitor giving you alternative viewing angles, along with a digital display panel giving continuous information about the submarine. SUB FUN TRES (the name of our submarine) was built at a cost of 3.5 million Euros. She is designed for safety and total comfort so our passengers can fully enjoy their dive. The cabin is maintained at normal atmospheric conditions. Due to safety equipment onboard the submarine, we are unable to take children under 2 years of age. We offer 4 dives per day, 6 days a week. (These times subject to change). * Departure Point: San Miguel * FREE transfer from your pickup point

Anti-Covid-19 preventive measures:

  • All clients must wear masks, both in reception centre and submarine.
  • The reception centre will be modified to take into consideration social distances and one-way systems. 
  • Screens will be installed at all cash desks and serving positions.
  • Sanitizing stations within the reception centre.
  • Screens within the centre displaying information/instructions as well as receiving a verbal introduction.
  • Clients will be issued seat numbers and boarding will take place in a systematic way. This will also apply to disembarking as well.
  • Perspex screen between seating in order to project the client. Seating be paired. 
  • The crew compartment will have a Perspex screen installed. 
  • A sanitizer will be installed at the boarding platform for client stop use, prior to boarding.
  • We will install a HEPA filtration system inside the submarine to remove any bacteria during the dive.
  • After each dive the air inside the submarine will be removed and new air replaced. 
  • The submarine will be disinfected after each dive.
  • The dive time between each dive will be extended to 30 minutes, in order for these measures to take place.