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Royal Delfin-Catamarán Tenerife

The boat has under the sea level two air-conditioned compartments with nine panoramic windows and capacity for 26 people each and also 10 underwater cameras with live connections on a TV monitor located on the main deck.


Royal Delfin is a catamaran with underwater vision that will take you along the unique southwest coast of Tenerife. It has 50-inch underwater panoramic windows.

During the excursion you will have the opportunity to observe the cetaceans in their natural habitat: families of pilot whales and dolphins that have chosen the waters of Tenerife as their habitual residence throughout the year.

Do not miss the opportunity to sail aboard the Royal Delfin during your visit to Tenerife!

Choose from the three diferent excursions available.

Departarture: Puerto Colón. Pontoon 1.

Lunch included in 4,5h and 3h excursions.  

Included: Drinks on board. Menu in 4.5 hrs excursion: Potato salad, vegetables, meatballs. Free transfer from the South of Tenerife.

Free transport from the area of Costas Adeje to Los Cristianos.

Transport from Médano, Golf, Paraíso and Los Gigantes:
3-hours excursion on Wednesdays.
4.5-hour excursion on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

Certifications: Blue Flag

This ship has a Blue Flag. The observation of cetaceans is currently an exceptionally important tourist activity and generally represents, for the majority of people who undergo this experience, their first contact with marine mammals. In the Canary Islands, the observation of cetaceans for tourist purposes is regulated by Decree 178/2000 of 6 September 2000.


Free Cancellation

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the excursion. If you cancel within 24 hours of the excursion, there will not be a refund.