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Flipper One Tenerife

The ship is made of "mulberry" African and Brazilian wood. It is the first boat of this size, handmade, in Tenerife


Set sail from the port of Los Gigantes and go in search of the whales and dolphins that inhabit the coasts of Tenerife. 
After having photographed these amazing sea creatures you will sail near the cliffs of Masca and Los Gigantes.  Reaching to a height of almost 600 metres, these cliffs are among the highest sea cliffs in Europe.
During the tour, all drinks are included: red wine, beer, soft drinks and water. It also includes an on-board guide who will explain everything in your own language.

On your journey you will be accompanied by an "Official whale observation guide". Do not forget your camera and swimsuit to take a swim!

Departure: Puerto de Los Gigantes.

2-hour Excursion: open bar and lunch.

3-hour Excursion: open bar and lunch.

Menu: cheese, bread, rice with chicken and vegetables and banana.

From Monday to Sunday 3 HRS. 11:30 HRS. (Subject to availability)
From Monday to Friday 3 HRS 14:30 HRS. (Confirm exit) (Subject to Availability)
Saturday and Sunday 2 HRS 14:30 HRS. (Subject to availability)
Maximum capacity: 91 pax.